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One of the prime suppliers of Rugby Jersey in Portland is VS Wear as we are top names when it comes to sports uniforms of any sports such as cricket, hockey, rugby, basketball, football, and many more.

Now, the rugby jersey is generally worn by players who play for either the rugby union or the rugby league in Portland.

Now, generally, the jersey has short sleeves but it is not mandatory in Portland as it may also have long sleeves as well.

Further, apart from this uniform, our Rugby Shorts are also quite famous among the players and customers.

One of the Premium Rugby Jersey Suppliers in Portland

Usually, the rugby shirts comprise of a buttoned opening at the top just like the polo shirts but their collar is a bit different.

Still, the modern rugby shirts comprise of a small collar in Portland and owing to the violent nature of the game, the fabric is generally very strong and according to tradition, rugby shirts contain buttons made up of rubber.

Now, similar to rugby jerseys, the Rugby Sets are also supplied by VS Wear at highly reasonable prices.

As per the traditional design of a rugby jersey in Portland, there are five to six horizontal stripes present in alternating colors. This is the reason that these jerseys comprise a large ‘V’ around the neck and the logos and labels of sponsors are located on the abdominal area of the shirt.

So, buy a decent-sized jersey of rugby from VS Wear at reasonable prices.

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