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We prioritise empowering athletes to achieve their best through high-performance sportswear that seamlessly blends functionality with style.


Passion drives us. We love what we do, putting all our energy into crafting gear that athletes will truly cherish.


Together, we're stronger. We work as one team, supporting each other to create the best sportswear out there.


We're always thinking outside the box. Our designs are fresh and innovative, giving athletes that extra edge on the field.


You can count on us. Our gear is top-notch, and made with care and precision so you can perform at your best.

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Designing & Fabric Selection
Designing & Fabric Selection

Our experts meticulously select high-quality fabrics and craft innovative designs to ensure top performance and style for every athlete.

Pattern Making, Printing & Fabric Cutting
Pattern Making, Printing & Fabric Cutting

Precision is key. We create patterns, print unique designs, and cut fabrics with exacting detail to bring our vision to life.

Sewing and Assembly
Sewing and Assembly

Skilled hands bring our designs together, sewing and assembling each piece with care to ensure durability and comfort.

Quality Control
Quality Control & Finishing

Rigorous inspections guarantee that every detail meets our exacting standards, ensuring VS Wear delivers unparalleled quality and performance.


Carefully packaged with precision, each item is prepared to protect and present VS Wear's dedication to excellence.


Fast and reliable, our shipping ensures your gear arrives promptly, ready for you to hit the ground running.


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VS Wear Manufacturers in Australia
VS Wear Manufacturers in Australia
VS Wear Manufacturers in Australia

VS Wear is a leading Australian owned Custom Sportswear Manufacturer and Supplier that empowers teams and athletes in Australia and around the world by offering the best sublimated uniforms and apparel at unbeatable prices.

WIth an experienced team and the largest selection of custom sports apparel and more we're able to offer experience, branding, products and customer service that simply can't be found anywhere else.

Whether you have a design ready to go for your team or would like our expert staff to handle the custoimasation process for you, we make creating your custom team uniforms quick, easy and affordable.

Browse our entire selection of custom sports apparel for Cricket Uniforms, Soccer Uniforms, Rugby Uniforms, Hockey Uniforms, AFL uniforms, Netball Uniforms, Baseball Uniforms, School Uniforms, Softball Uniforms, Basketball Uniforms, Offield Wear  and give your team the confidence, unity and professional appearance they need to dominate the competition. The uniforms are manufactured using best-in-class fabric with quality being at forefront.

The VS Wear Advantage

VS Wear understands that great uniforms unite great teams. We're dedicated to providing the fit, quality, and performance that your team requires to succeed. Nobody has a larger selection of high-quality custom team jerseys and apparel than us.

The following are some of the benefits of being able to customise your team's apparel and other sports products with VS Wear

  • Your team will appear and feel more connected as a result of the increased sense of team unity.

  • On and off the field your team will be recognised

  • The ability to fully customise and design whatever your team wants

  • Your team will appear more professional and in sync

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